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showed us around apple's flagship store on fifth avenue in new york which six years later is still the big glass granddaddy of them all. back then, steve jobs was as usual all about the future. >> we've got some really great ideas of the products we're going to build next year and the year after that we're working really hard on. i think our focal length is always forward. >> he was all black turtleneck and glass frames and mystical and mysterious. forgive me, you and i could work at a best buy, we're plain-looking people. you're a much more conventional, seeming, guy. but there's obviously brainpower he saw in you that you brought to bear on this job. >> i'm not sure a conventional person would have come to apple at that point in time. almost everyone i know thought i was crazy. >> that's because apple was on the ropes back in 1998. steve jobs had just come back and was trying to steal cook away from compaq computer, a name that was actually vibrant back then. >> i'd just gotten to compaq, just gotten to houston. i agreed to come out and talk. five minutes into the talk with him,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)